About us

About The Laboratory Network.

In Short

The Laboratory Network is a digital platform that enables research labs and small academic groups to create their own website more easily and share their research with more impact. We want to provide a simple way for them to publish their content and while doing so help them get the online attention they deserve.


Initially we simply want to enable our users to create their own site by facilitating the necessary environment and tools to do so. However, once our community has grown and a sufficient number of sites have been created, we intend to centralise all content and create somewhat of a portal for research content. By doing so, we can live up to our promise and make your research even more visible and accessible online.

In the next few years, we aim to expand our service to include the ability to create sites for researchers and technology, leveraging the capabilities of shared content. Read more about our goals in our Roadmap.

In the next few years, we want to become known as the go-to place for research content online and reach a wider audience by doing so.

We believe great discoveries should not be kept secret.


After several years of designing and developing websites for research labs and high-tech companies, we decided to create an online environment suited for exactly these people.

What we've learned is that the success and impact of your research doesn’t just come from good publications or your own page listed on your university website. It comes from the right online presence.

We found there are sadly too many great research labs out there that sell themselves short when it comes to their online presence. Sure, some of them have got their own website, but all too many lack the accessibility and design that online readers tend to demand these days.

We believe that every research lab should get the online attention it deserves, therefore we have made it our mission to help these very labs create a site that everybody enjoys using.